Medicine Buddha Teachings

Medicine Buddha Teachings - Saturday 19th January, 2013

Medicine Buddha Empowerment: 9am-11am

Medicine Buddha Teachings: 2pm-4pm

Cost: $30 for the empowerment and $30 for the afternoon teaching.

The Medicine Buddha teachings will be held on Saturday 19 January for those who have received the empowement. Loppon is going to explain the meditation practice text and lead the guided meditation, so then later on one can do the practice privately by oneself.
Those who wish to attend and don't have the practice text (sadhana) please email us and we will print them out for you to purchase later ($15).
If you've missed out on the Medicine Buddha empowerment and would like to receive it, Loppon will be giving another Medicine Buddha empowerment on that same Saturday 19th morning, from 9am to 11 am.