Green Tara Puja

green tara

We are resuming our classes on Sunday, 6 January 2013. To creat auspicisous circumtances, Loppon Tsering will perform a Puja Ritual of Green Tara followed by a Transmission of the Aspiration Prayer of Samanthabhadra - the Buddha of Great  Meritorious Deeds.
With the Green Tara Puja we will clear away obstacles for the year ahead. The teachings of the Aspiration Prayer will help   us set positive motivation for our goals in 2013. Below is the overview of Green Tara Puja.
On Green Tara Practice
The practice of Tara is also very beneficial and effective for dharma centers. Those centers that do the pujas or prayer rituals of Tara find themselves rewarded with success, as their wishes for the spread of the teachings of Buddha are fulfilled! Deep and heartfelt wishes that we give rise to out of inspiration and devotion are much more easily fulfilled, especially when they are for the sake of others! 

Virtually every Tibetan monastery performs Green Tara puja prayer rituals every morning, whether they have five monks or one thousand. The praise to the twenty-one Taras has been chanted continuously by countless beings stretching all the way back to Buddha Vairochana in an earlier age long, long before our present era. The fact that this prayer is so ancient and has been so popular and widely practiced over the ages contributes to its great power and effectiveness. 

All the accumulated blessings of that have arisen due to the prayers of the meditatiors throughout the ages, have come down to us and are received by us when we pray with faith and devotion to Tara. Through regular practice of the praise to the twenty-one Taras and the mantras of Tara, these blessings are cultivated and can ripen in our mindstreams, in our experience. It is for this reason that the practice of Tara makes such an excellent daily practice.