Resident Teacher - Loppon Tsering Samdup

Lama Loppon Tsering Samdup is one of the few English speaking Tibetan Buddhist teachers in Australia. He was appointed a resident teacher of the Sakya Yigah Choeling centre in South Australia in 2000. Since then he has been teaching and leading retreats in various places around Australia and has now relocated to the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

Loppon Tsering completed all studies of monasticism, Sutra and Tantra at Sakya College (one of the most prestigious Buddhist Universities) and has done many retreats. The title ‘Loppon’ is approximately equivalent to between a Master’s and a Doctor’s philosophy degree. Loppon also successfully completed a translation course at Dharamsala. He taught Buddhist philosophy to monks at his home monastery at Bir in India and traveled overseas with high Lamas as an interpreter on several occasions. Loppon is a highly qualified scholar and meditation master.

He possesses great compassion and wisdom. These qualities make his teachings profound and spiritual. Loppon is a very sociable character and very easy to approach. He has a good command English and teaches with a great sense of humor. He has a deep understanding of the Western mind. His teachings are clear, practical, enjoyable and profound.
Loppon’s activities have included giving teachings, running meditation classes, public talks, counseling, interviews, prayers, presiding over ceremonies, language classes and supervising retreats.